Coproduction of Lifeboat Unit and Hungarian Helsinki Committee
interactive theatre board game

Our goal is to question the working of receptive and rejecting attitudes and to enable the participants to think over some dilemmas from the refugees’ point of view strictly within a fictional framework. Are you taking your family with yourself? Can you comply with the constantly changing rules in a world which is hardly understandable for you? If you were able to reach your goal, what’s going to happen with you? Where are you going to live? What are you going to do?

We would like to generate a conversation between the participants with the help of fictional framework. Instead of anger and catchwords we would like to discuss the situation, the arising questions, reactions and the possible solutions along arguments. We don’t question the actual regulation or the political view of the participants but the phenomenons. 

Actors: Niké Kurta, Bálint Jaskó, Rezai Mohammed Amin 
Expert: Júlia Iván (lawyer, Hungarian Helsinki Committee)
Dramaturge: Ambrus Ivanyos
Set: Zita Schnábel
Graphic design: Luca Szabados
Assistant: Julcsi Szabó, Dóra Tési
Consultant: László Bass
Special thanks to Dániel D. Kovács, Attila Gigor
Writer, director: Gábor Fábián Gábor

Photo: Máté Bartha

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