One Must Descend to Hell

Performance of Maneuvre Group
One Must Descend to Hell
classroom theatre

The production was inspired by the research work of Endre Czeizel, who came to the conclusion that during the past three hundred years 90% of the Hungarian talent came to fruition abroad, also noting that most of these people had a tragically dire fate. By today, the situation did not change much. What would we need to discontinue this tradition? The production One Must Descend to Hell revolves around such weighty questions posed by youngsters as the effect of talent on society and vice versa. Is talent able to break a path for itself in an environment which tries to contain it? What is the future of a country which does not value its own talent? 

The performance presents the tormented years of Hungarian geniuses without any claim on comprehensiveness. The members of the student team are free to choose certain dramatic moments of people’s biographies, which they then present interwoven with their own dilemmas, personal fears, and questions. 

The public premiere of the performance was on 31st March 2016 at the Jurányi Incubator House (II. Jurányi u. 1). The programme is aimed at students over 14, so the team expects first and foremost the application of groups of students, but grownups are also welcome. 

Artistic Team
Cast: Gergely Bíró, Gergő Borbás, Anna Boznánszky, Pál Nyáry, Franciska Stangl, Anna Szepes
Assistant: Dóra Tési
Group leader: Andrea Pass   
Photo: Zoltán Szarka

A series of workshops by the Maneuvre Creative Team of Lifeboat Unit, a classroom performance titled One Must Descend to Hell

The topic of the workshop for students and talent management
Workshops targeting the youth group of the Unit are regular activities of Lifeboat Unit, the season-long programme is focusing on talent management and the question: ‘What is the fate of talent in Hungary?’ The workshops are led by director Andrea Pass. 
The members of the student team are all past 18, they attend different colleges or academies, some of them also working by the side. In the career choice of many arts were sent to the background, yet still they could not totally part with these ambitions and they are constantly looking for the position of art in their lives, longing for the certainty of knowing they are on the right track. Their dilemmas, uncertainties, they desire for firm and informed decisions and their wishes to discover their own abilities, while and also being able to bring them to fruition are feelings that are familiar among young people leaving high-school. Not only the genius must descend to hell to gather experiences, but also the young people who wish to uncover their values and find their path to talent. 
Beyond acting training, the participants of the student workshops also receive tasks of dramaturgy, writing, directing, drama pedagogy, while they elaborate on their actual dilemmas, difficulties on the one hand, and also produce scenes, on the other hand, about the fate of talent in Hungary.  
Young talented artists are also invited to the workshops every month, interviewed, and these interviews published on the website of Lifeboat, in a column titled It’s time for student questions. 

As a result of the programme spanning from October to March the group produces a classroom performance. They investigate the issue of ‘The Fate of Talent in Hungary’ through the viewpoint of students, building on the experiences of young people who have already taken a serious decision and now they have to face its consequences. 

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