The Silent Province

Performance of Maneuvre Group
The Silent Province
Performance for high-school students (15+)

What is there to say when there are no more words? About the soulless, often criminal lines? Hate speech is an everyday phenomenon, it has become part of public discourse. This is the starting point of the permanent team of high-school students of Maneuver Team led by director Andrea Pass, in a quest to uncover, through a rehearsal process, what is a society like where inhuman slurs are so popular. And what would happen if these deadly words were to become reality? 
The Silent Realm wishes to push young people out of their passive state by making them aware that they have a say in their own fate, in how their future unfolds, also underlining that they have a much larger role in the preservation of democracy than they think. 

Dear visitors! Now you are going to se a show in which we turn towards reality for help. Annoying news, outrageous events, both this and that. Comments did not escape our attention either, as we were also curious of the raw opinion of the simple reader. But do not fear, we are not going to burden you with politics, public issues. We will take you to an imagined realm instead, in a new era, marked by the emergence of a certain Voice. This Voice, this mysterious Voice can be heard from time to time if we listen carefully, to preserve peace among the inhabitants of the province. They, the chosen ones, already form a unity. They breathe together, sing together and listen together, if needed. 

Cast: Gergely Bíró, Gergő Borbás, Anna Boznánszky, Pál Nyáry, Anna Szepes, Bálint Formán
Music: Bálint Formán
Director’s Assistant: Dóra Tési
Directed by Andrea Pass

Lifeboat Unit and the Maneuvre Creative Team 

The team was founded in 2014 within the Sputnik Shipping Company, under the leadership of two of the company members, Gábor Fábián and Andrea Pass. In the 2016/1017 season the team is also joined by Viktor Bodó. The previous productions of the Lifeboat Unit  - Sociopoly, New World, One Must Descend to Hell, Untitled - home-adventure-game – as well as their recent ventures are constantly trying to focus on topical social issues like prejudice, deep poverty in Hungary, racism, migration and expatriation. Their programmes have potential both as personality development, and they also promote social dialogue, clash of opinions, and active presence in society. The authors firmly believe that their work can have a concrete effect in shaping society. 
They find it important to strengthen tolerance and solidarity in their spectators, especially among young people. With these considerations in mind whey founded Maneuvre Creative Team, which stages different social topics with students.    

Director Andrea Pass about Maneuvre and The Silent Province

‘In our work with Lifeboat Unit we realized that we needed to launch a programme which specifically reflects on the working of our society. Also during our countrywide tour of our Antigone we realized that most of the students did not feel the need to put an end to the rule of the tyrant Creon: they rather choose the position of Ismene instead of Antigone, like the masses of people in the play, who worked out a compromise with the reigning power. This is precisely why we find it important to draw students’ attention to the importance of social engagement, making them understand the power of participatory democracy, convincing them that they have a say in their fates, that it is also up to them to shape their future. We feel that the students do not realize what democracy truly means, they think it is what they are living in right now, as they see no good examples or models they can use to contrast their experiences with. 

The Silent Province is another of our dystopias, with which we try to shake young people up from their passive states and make them realize that they have a chance to actively shape their future. The preservation of democracy is also their task, and they have a much larger role in it than what they believe.’  

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