The Lifeboat Unit (Mentőcsónak Egység) started operating in 2014, building a separate team within the Szputnyik Shipping Company, under the professional leadership of two company members: Gábor Fábián and Andrea Pass. In Lifeboat’s theatrical performances we examine current social issues such as deep poverty in Hungary, homelessness, racism, prejudgement, and the melting-pot of these issues: leaving the country. We find it particularly important to decrease prejudgement with the help of theatrical tools towards groups who face hardship and to strengthen tolerance and solidarity towards them, especially within the youth.

With every new Lifeboat-production new dramatic texts come to life. These texts reflect on the domestic social voltages within the framework of new, interactive theatrical methods or classic forms.

Because our performances deal with serious social issues we work with experts and civil organizations constantly. Our programmes improve community and personality and encourage people to think together and fight for their opinions. We believe that this activity and this kind of communication with the spectators can develop our society.

Company members:

Viktor BODÓ - artistic director
Andrea PASS - writer, director
Gábor FÁBIÁN - writer, director
Dóra TRIFONOV - production manager
Dóra TÉSI - assistant
Péter TÓTH - director


production manager
+36 30 378 5045

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